Restaurant AV Systems

Restaurant Sound System | Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

Premier Audio & Video will design a restaurant AV system that is custom-tailored to your atmosphere, including a restaurant sound system, distributed video, and restaurant digital menu-boards. Our audio design includes multi-zone audio, with commercial speakers for your dining room, bar, and outdoor patio. For a digital signage solution, we can design and install menu-boards, video walls, or multi-purpose restaurant signage to promote happy hour specials, trivia, and more. It doesn't matter if you have three TV's or fifty, or in-ceiling projectors, our systems will ensure that each display has incredible picture quality. Whatever your restaurant's AV concept is, we'll make it a reality.

When you open a new restaurant in Texas, the competition is fierce and the odds are already stacked against you. Your restaurant is going to need more than just great food to set you apart; you need a fantastic atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a restaurant sound system, or you need LED TV's and a commercial projector to broadcast every single sports game from a DirecTV package, we will design and install every aspect of your restaurant's new AV system.

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Restaurant AV System Design

We love to design and install restaurant AV systems. We recently installed AV systems for several Mellow Mushroom restaurants across Texas. These were especially fun for us. Each restaurant is so different, it allowed us to really have fun with the AV designs. Often-times restaurant AV designers do their clients a disfavor by only offering cable or satellite TV signal.

Fundamentally, restaurant system designs are very similar from one to the next. There is a sound system and usually a few televisions mounted throughout the dining room and bar. We like to design our restaurant and bar AV systems using the HDMI commercial video matrix from Atlona Technologies, because it's super dependable, it has lightening-fast switching capabilities, and excellent video quality. It also allows us to install multiple AV sources for the restaurant to choose from.

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We start off with several video sources like a Brightsign digital signage player, our wireless presentation device, and a trivia player. Then we mix these into the HDMI matrix with the satellite receivers.

This allows a mixture of video sources to be displayed on TV's throughout the restaurant and bar. Thus creating a much more engaging atmosphere.

Most importantly, restaurant video systems must be simple to operate. Restaurants are a very fast-paced environment, and the management doesn't have much time to think when switching inputs. We like to use an in-wall touchscreen or even an iPad Mini for controlling the system. The touch interface is easy to navigate and easy for anyone to use.

Restaurant Sound System

The audio system for a restaurant starts with basic fundamentals, such as proper wiring and choosing the right AV equipment. We typically use 70v audio systems in our restaurant AV designs. Our commercial 70v amplifiers have unique modular inputs allowing us to provide a wide range of audio input sources. Typical restaurant sound system audio sources might include:

  • SiriusXM satellite commercial radio
  • Pandora commercial radio
  • DirecTV's commercial music channels

We can even wire a specific location in your restaurant or bar for a DJ or local musician to come in and play through your restaurant's sound system. Adding a local musician to your list of events, helps make your restaurant a very popular hang-out

Mellow Mushroom McKinney

Depending on the size of your restaurant, we can zone the sound system. We can create one audio zone in your dining room and a different zone on your patio or in the bar.

This allows you to have different audio sources playing at the same time. You might have music playing in the dining room or patio, but broadcast the audio from a big game in the bar.

Mellow Mushroom McKinney

We design your restaurant sound system to match the look and feel of the interior. With a suspended ceiling, you'll want commercial speakers like the Bose Freespace series speakers or Bogen's Near series low profile in-ceiling speakers.

These speakers are flush-mounted to the drop-in ceiling tile and come in many different sizes.

Most restaurants, bars, and coffee shops have a more open-ceiling architecture, making the boxed loudspeaker a perfect choice. In these spaces we usually will recommend the Atlas Sound surface-mount speakers. These are a great choice for restaurant audio systems, and they even make a great surface-mounted subwoofer for that added bass. The 70v commercial speakers are compact, versatile, and feature Atlas Sound's unique driver technologies which produce impeccable sound quality for the small size.

Restaurant Video Components

The right commercial video solution for your restaurant, can entertain, transport and affect your customers deeply. It can be a potent marketing tool for your business, bringing your customers back to your restaurant time and time again. Today, savvy restaurant owners know the benefit from an integrated audio video system.

Restaurant Digital Signage at Mellow Mushroom Restaurant Sound System at Mellow Mushroom Restaurant AV System

Premier Audio & Video will set up a seamless integrated audio video system for your restaurant that will provide your customers with the ultimate viewing experience with minimal hassle for your employees.

The Scene Restaurant Dallas

Creating the right video atmosphere for your restaurant takes experience and lots of planning. People expect to see large-screen televisions or even projectors in your restaurant, because they have become accustomed to it at home.

Your bar is all about making people sit and spend money over a long period of time. You can't achieve this goal if you do not give your customers what they want and what they expect.

This means giving them plenty of good-quality televisions to watch and every channel they might need to catch their favorite game. Of course, dining out is not always about watching sports in the bar. We can install high-definition studio-quality cameras in your kitchen and display the video on a large projection screen in the dining room. Now, all of a sudden, your restaurant is the place to be because they can watch their food being created right before their eyes.

Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

We can't say enough about the importance of restaurant digital signage systems. Digital menu boards are easy to get installed even if you're an existing concept. They will save you money in printing costs, and they are incredibly eye-catching.

Mellow Mushroom Digital Signage

Restaurants are flexible in how they deploy digital signage solutions. Signage players can be integrated into distributed video systems, so that the signage content is available on any TV in the restaurant.

Signage players can also be located directly behind a specific television. This allows the system to be easily implemented into an existing restaurant's AV system design.

We also sell commercial signage displays from Philips with the digital signage player built right in. These all-in-one units are a great addition to the bar. They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and the digital menu content can be created to match.

These signage displays can run all-day long, promoting happy-hour specials, beer specials, or even upcoming special events, and with the ability to add HTML5 content the sky is the limit on the design.

Restaurant CCTV Surveillance System

We will work with you to design an Affordable Restaurant Video Security System, complete with Security Cameras, a DVR, and office monitor.

Restaurant CCTV System at Mellow Mushroom

The simple truth is that restaurants lose a lot of money to shortage. The good news is that most of it can be prevented with a simple CCTV surveillance system.

We also think it is important for the cameras to be seen. You don't want them to be eyesores, but a lot of crime can be prevented just by making the cameras visible.

We place cameras in the restaurant dining area, the patio, the kitchen, and the bar. The cameras should, at a minimum, cover your exit doors, your beer cooler and your cash-drawer at the POS station. These are the areas that you stand to lose the most money, from product or cash being taken.

We also recommend installing a camera in the manager's office, which helps prevent any misunderstandings or false accusations behind closed doors.

  • Catch Thieves/Vandals
  • Protect Customers & Staff
  • Deter Robbery
  • Monitor Delivery Activity
  • Employee Theft
  • Monitor Activity from Home

Your restaurant CCTV system doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be considered along with all the other components of your restaurant's audio and video system design.